Falcon Tactical Flashlight Review

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75% Off Military Grade Tactical Flashlight

falcon-tactical-flashlight-x800Falcon Tactical Flashlight – Want to own the world’s most powerful tactical flashlight? Whatever the reason, be it for the military or civilian use, the Falcon Tactical Flashlight offers a huge advantage above all others. That is because it wasn’t originally intended for the public. The government spends billions annually on military and defense. That means they are seeking out the most cutting edge and sophisticated equipment to maintain homeland security and the safety of its citizens. Now, you can have your very own military grade equipment in the palm of your hand with the Falcon Tactical Flashlight X800. This device is said to be the “#1 flashlight that could end up saving your life in a disaster situation… literally” according to one Navy Seal.

When you work in the field as an Officer, Fireman or Soldier, you need a few expectations met from your equipment. It is important that equipment needs to be reliable and effective. When you are face to face with a hostile, you can’t risk any type of failure, least of all from your equipment. Furthermore, it needs to be durable and also light. When you are already lugging around many weapons, gadgets and devices, the last thing you need is to add another item that is going to lug you down. When it comes to tactical gear you want the best of the best to be certain that you have the biggest advantage. When you own the Falcon Tactical Flashlight X800 you are preparing for the worst with the best. If you are a first time customer, then enjoy the Falcon Tactical Flashlight for 75% off!

Falcon Tactical Flashlight Released To Public

Finally, the Falcon Tactical Flashlight X800 is purchasable by the general public. Never-before-released, this powerful tactical flashlight was formerly strictly for use by the Military and Police Force. Now, you can buy your very own online today. Not only can you own this high tech piece of tactical equipment, but you can also enjoy it for 75% off its original value. This unprecedented event puts a piece of Military Tactical Equipment into your hands.

Falcon Tactical Flashlight Features:

  • Blindingly Bright 800 Lumens
  • Cree XM-L2 LED Technology
  • 100,000 Hours of Lamp Life
  • Anodized Aircraft Aluminum
  • Modes: Hi/Med/Lo/Strobe/SOS
  • 1 x to 2000 x Magnification


Falcon Tactical Flashlight Is Versatile

Falcon Tactical Flashlight is awesome from every angle. Light weight, durable and water-resistant. This is thanks to its Anodized Aircraft Grade Aluminum and premium quality elastomer seals. The IP65 waterproofing makes it able to be submerged for hours without leading to shortage or corrosion. The durable, specialized aluminum housing is damage resistant from impacts, drops and scratches. For instance, if you drop the Falcon Tactical Flashlight in the parking lot and accidently run it over with your truck, no worries. It can withstand the abuse with hardly a scratch. Additionally, it is very small (about 5 inches) so it is perfect for storing in a glovebox, center console or desk drawer.falcon-tactical-flashlight-reviewsThere is a lot more to the Falcon Tactical Flashlight X800 than being light and durable. It is incredibly versatile with its many survival and tactical features. This Tactical Flashlight features 5 modes. It has an 800 lumen boom that is ultra-bright on high, medium and low settings. It offers a tactical advantage against opponents, as well, with its strobe effect that can blind and disorient. Also, the Tact 9000 has an SOS function for emergency. Is a hostile threat getting too close for comfort? The beveled edge is designed for self-defense! Just slam it like a hammer in the face or other vital area within range when push comes to shove.

Limited Time Special: Get Falcon Tactical Flashlight 75% Off!

Want to own the most powerful, durable and light tactical LED flashlight in the world? Then get the Falcon Tactical Flashlight 800 Lumens. This is the strongest and longest lasting light you will ever own. It comes complete with 5 modes, telescopic zoom and a defensive beveled edge. Get your Falcon Tactical Flashlight 75% off today when you order below!falcon-tactical-flashlight-review

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